Flavoured Gokhru Powder is an ayurvedic herb that has so many names like Tribulus, Chota Gokhru, Gokshura, Devil’s weed, Puncturevine and many more. This herb is grown in a very dry climate. The climate serves to rare plants only because of being so dry. Flavoured Gokhru plants can also thrive in desert climates and poor soil conditions. The plant usually forms flat patches, and branches are hairy usually. The herb basically belongs to Southern Asia and Europe, Africa and Australia but usages of Gokhru are quite popular. This is occupying the Ayurvedic stream of treatments widely, and all this is because of its ultimate benefits.

Benefits of Flavoured Gokhru Powder

Benefits of Flavoured Gokhru Powder
Benefits of Flavoured Gokhru Powder

Diuretic Property

Flavoured Gokhru Powder has been widely popular for its diuretic property. This helps the body to deal with urinary problems. As it deals with urinary issues, the herb is very useful to heal kidney stones. Regular consumption can reduce bladder problems. The diuretic property of the herb is on high utilization for various forms to heal the body. The cleansing effect of this herb leads to regulating many ailments and functions of the body.


Men and women, who are dealing with many fertility issues in their lives, Flavoured Gokhru Powder has been used for centuries to heal. Different cultures have adopted the herb as an aphrodisiac medication. The herb is proven as it increases libido in both men and women. Gokhru increases sperm counts in men and strengthens them too.

Helps to Attain Muscles

Men are struggling to attain a muscular body and in this reference, they don’t even hesitate to take help from injections and any other supplements. These can be further proven as harmful for them as these are the unnatural ways. Concerning this, it is important to take some natural embracement to achieve a muscular body. The various minerals that are present in Flavoured Gokhru Powder improve muscle strengths and along with this, it improves the overall body consumptions.

Useful to Treat PCOS

PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a very common problem of women these days. The trouble causes irregular periods and along with that women are also facing mood swings, hair loss, acne, and many other issues. PCOS raises lots of complications and problems for and during pregnancy. Gokhru is very beneficial for women who are affected by PCOS as it eliminates excess water and helps the cyst to get decreased. Consuming Gokhru on regular basis can help women to handle the unwanted weight gain.

Improves Heart and Brain Functions

The regular consumption of Gokhru reduces the various susceptibilities of heart attack and reduces downs the cholesterol level. This is one of the best herbs that handle blood sugar, blood pressure, hypertension and many more. It effectively treats psychological imbalance and relieves stress.


Flavoured Gokhru Powder is beneficial in a variety of health-related issue so if you are taking it regularly, you can automatically develop the capacity to fight these. It will be good to use the herb under any medical supervision otherwise you can also consume the same according to your needs. There are many additional benefits too, for instance, it tackles obesity, bed wetting, menstruation too as it works on the nervous system also. Buy Flavoured Gokhru.

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