Ayurvedic Mass Gainer 500 (AYU MASS Gainer)


1,599 + Earn 79 LIVO coins.

  • Chocolate
  • Pack of 1/15 Days
  • Pack of 2/30 Days
  • Pack of 4/60 Days

Per 100g Serving Details

  • Protein


  • Eaas


  • Herbs


With Goodness of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavar, Amla, Kaunch Beej, Gokhru.

  • 10 Days Weight Gain Formula
  • Vegetarian
  • Increases Hunger
  • No Side Effects
  • Lab Tested
  • Certified by fssai, GMP, ISO, HACCP

Ayurvedic Mass Gainer 500 (AYU MASS Gainer)

(510 customer reviews) 13,036 sold

1,599 + Earn 79 LIVO coins.

With Goodness of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavar, Amla, Kaunch Beej, Gokhru.

  • 10 Days Weight Gain Formula
  • Vegetarian
  • Increases Hunger
  • No Side Effects
  • Lab Tested
  • Certified by fssai, GMP, ISO, HACCP
  • Chocolate
  • Pack of 1/15 Days
  • Pack of 2/30 Days
  • Pack of 4/60 Days

Per 100g Serving Details

  • Protein


  • Eaas


  • Herbs


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Ayurvedic Mass Gainer 500 is a world’s first weight gain Ayurvedic formulation for instant results. This Mass gainer is helpful for males & females because It’s a mixture of 6 magical herbs like Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, and many more herbs which gives optimum results from the very first day.  Ayu Mass Gainer is a completely natural product. Therefore, It helps to Gain Results from the very first week.

Ayurvedic Mass Gainer 500 shows the magical results from the very first consumption of it. Besides, within 10 days you will feel the change in your body. It is designed for underweight people & that will help in increasing the appetite.

Mass Gainer is Safe for Body?

This is an ayurvedic weight gainer & it doesn’t have any side effects. It has Natural BCAA, 25G Protein, Vegetarian, Natural test booster and Gluten-free. 

Certified Product?

The Mass Gainer is certified by FSSAI, GMP, ISO & HACCP. Moreover, it is a lab-tested product and a proven record that it doesn’t have bad effects on the body.

How to Take AYU Mass Gainer 500?

There are two ways to take Mass Gainer. Either, take 1 scoop (20 gram) of mass gainer after breakfast or after a workout with water or milk. But Don’t take it with an empty stomach.


There are two ways to take Mass Gainer. Either, take 1 scoop (20 gram) of mass gainer after breakfast or after a workout with milk.


18 Months From the date of manufacturing.

Why Better Than Others

AYU MASS Gainer 500 is completely natural and has power of 6 magical herb extracts. Which takes our body to next level of natural transformation. Without any side effects.

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510 reviews for Ayurvedic Mass Gainer 500 (AYU MASS Gainer)
  • Ravi Goel

    बोहत अच्छा है

  • Himanshu Sharma

    From my experience this is a very Good product for persons who are looking to weight gain. This really so useful..I really feel energetic & improvement in weight gain. thanks to livo universal for the perfect product. use and get good results. delivery is also very fast .

  • intelligentindian55@gmail.com

    gained 4 kg in month. thanks

  • Faradh sheikh

    natural with combination of herbs its best for body building… i uswed it 3 months now my body is good but try to improve ur delivery service .. thanks

  • sushimehta016.1995@gmail.com

    great product… really good results so far and the taste of the product is awesome … i highly recommended this…

  • Bhavnesh nagpal

    मैंने इसे पिछले महीने अपने भाई के लिए खरीदा था। यह बहुत अच्छा है

  • Daman brar

    packaging – good
    product – good
    taste – very good
    results – very good
    delivery – okay okay
    service – can be improved

  • Lovely sharma

    kamal ka product hai taste bhi bhout kamal hai and result bhi ek no. hai .. muscle bhi bad gaye mere and andar ki taqt bhi bhoht achi ho gyi hai.. lo or maze lo bhai log

  • aakash Roy

    using it from last 15 days… feeling increase in body and my energy level also

  • Noni Shukla

    pehla hafta main mera weight kaffi bada

  • Rajan Bhamra

    gained 5 kg in 20 days amazing

  • Ishan rawat

    perfect for mass gain

  • chahat kapur

    Ayu mass Gainer 500 ZINDABAD
    3KG gain hua mera

  • Rajit

    best weight gainer

  • Nand LAL

    ……….WEight gain……. hua 3kg in 14 days 🙂

  • lijjat

    8 kg in 28 days wow gr8 🙂

  • Keshav Raja

    Very Good Results gaineed my weight in just 6 days

  • Mahesh

    1 सप्ताह में अच्छे परिणाम मिले, ऑय मास 500 का उपयोग करके बहुत खुशी हुई

  • Vikas

    adbhut main is utpaad ko apane pyaar ko pyaar karata hoon, main ise niyamit roop se upayog karoonga


    This powder I have used is a very good result. And very soon it starts showing its effect.

  • Roylas thakur

    मैं अपना वजन 8 kg किलो २५ दिन सुधारता हूँ..थैंक यू औय मास ५००

  • Ritesh Vidya

    mujhe utpaad pasand aaya

  • Nakku Dhiman

    10 dino main 4kg weight badh gya mera bht hi khush hu main

  • Rakesh

    got results in 8 days,3 kg gained

  • shivam

    can 16 year old boy take this ?

    • admin

      yes sir

  • Yash singh

    natural hai side effects nahi hai so very good . can use it .

  • Lalit

    Good result bro

  • Kamal

    मुझे वास्तव में यह उत्पाद पसंद आया, इसने मेरा 7 किलो वजन बढ़ाया है।

  • Sajid Ali

    Isse chehra bhar sakta h kya

  • Krishna

    I used it for 2 months and have good benefits. 2 months ago my weight was 58, now it is 71 after 2 months. Ayu Mass Powder Thank you.

  • tahni

    If you want to gain your weight naturally, then i recommendd livo universal

  • Nilesh

    boht hi ache results hai my whole friend circle and myself also using this from 2 months.

  • roylas ghajni

    10 days ? oo.. yes i got 2 kg up in just 10 days

  • Ravi Kumar

    livo vajan badhaane paudar ek bahut hee adbhut utpaad hai.
    mujhe 3 maheene mein 12kgs ka phaayada hua hai aur mera shareer bahut phit ho gaya hai.
    main vaastav mein aayurvedik svaasthy dekhabhaal ke lie dhanyavaad mahasoos karata hoon.

  • naresh

    Bahut achcha product ha

  • Hitesh Gautam

    This powder I have used is a very good result. And very soon it starts showing its effect

  • Tanny9875

    1. tasty
    2. good results
    3. delivery fast
    4. natural
    5. packing is small make a big pack also

  • Rajesh Bhatti

    I want to tell you that I have used this ayumass 500 and it gets very quick and good results on my body. Along with it there are many more benefits as well as digestion is good, hunger is also good, bones also become very strong. Thank you !!!

  • Real Man

    कोई साइड इफेक्ट नहीं होने का नतीजा यह है कि एएयू मेस GAINER कर्ता वह मुख्य नव
    कीड़ा आचा परिणाम का उपयोग कर्ता वह प्रदान करते हैं।

  • Ramu Jaani

    Zindabad AYU MASS GAINER 2kg10 dino main

  • mahesh

    Best Weight gainer in reasonable price without side effects

  • Kamisha

    my husband got big muscles and very good energy gained good amount of weight.. im happy

  • Mehtab

    sabka nahi pata but meko toh boht acha lga yeh weight gainer

  • Salman Md.

    आयू मास 500 पाउडर उत्पाद वास्तव में बहुत बढ़िया है। मैंने डेढ़ महीने में लगभग 6 किलो वजन बढ़ाया। वास्तव में इस उत्पाद ने मेरे लिए बहुत अच्छा काम किया।

  • Saleem Kumar

    worth the price, I took for my mummy she has gained weight

  • Rajit

    Super product

  • Nimrat

    best product for this price…
    i bought ayu mass gainer n started getting results in a week of consumption

  • Simranpreet Singh

    awesome product at this price….keep it up..

  • Jamshed

    Taste is totally very decent … Lets see the results …

  • nanu

    is utpaad ne vaastav mein mujhe apana aakaar thoda badhaane mein madad kee hai. mujhe yah utpaad agrim vajan badhaane vaala hai

  • Rajinder

    This product is awsm..awsm taste..awsm mixablity…results are also good

  • mannu

    Very good

  • Ishant Garg

    I gained 1 kg in 10 days I was 49 earlier but now I am 50 Taste is good easily mix in milk you can add 2 bananas for better result

  • Mourya Lallu ji


  • niklana

    Awesome product it is realy work… 2 week 2.5kg gain weight

  • keshav

    i m using it from long time like 3 months and i have done bigg transformation i love it

  • saurav

    Nice product
    Seen good results in 15days of use

  • satish

    superb mass gain krta hai

  • Rajesh Khalu

    Amazing Product gained 5kg in 30 days

  • Yash

    mast hai product

  • Thakur ji

    product very good but delivery was slow.. please improve ur delivery time.

  • Tejasvi

    gained 8 kg in 45 Days, I really like the product EK NUMBER

  • Samar

    acha hai full of power and energy

  • singh

    mai toh roz peeta hu tasty boht hai

  • amit

    great choice for weight gain 🙂

  • simran

    safe hai results hai or kya chahiye boss maza agya

  • Rahul Sachdeva

    Very Genuine product flavour is Very nice.
    Using since month (still not experienced any side effects)
    I am 5’9 with 57 KGs
    Helps me to eat more food naturally.
    Increased my stamina, I am useing it with water milk peanut butter and oats by blending them together.
    I use it post workout after gym.
    now i am 64kg.

  • anshul


  • Deepak Arora

    my wife was very slim using from 20 days and gained 3.5 kg it really works

  • Angad

    please make big pack alsoo.. and give more discounts as im using it from 2 months and will use more.. please ping me if u have more discounts for me

  • erik

    gained 4 kg in month lovely..

  • Om

    Available in market.
    ➡️Good Results in a week.
    ➡️Great taste and mixability.?
    ➡️ Easily digestible.

  • sahillll

    ek no. product hai

  • Lovely sharma

    Delivery is slow

  • Rajan Batra

    Good Weight Gainer, using it from last 1 month gained my Chest, Biseps, my face also, people also noticing me now and i reallyy feel good and natural results.
    thankYou Livo Universal

  • Urali

    saw advertisement hundreds of time but bought late due to money problm but it is really nice gained 1.8 kg in 10 days

  • khemchand

    अच्छा है

  • AKUL

    recomended by my friend ajitesh taste is good

  • Mishra

    THIS is one of the best product ayu mass 500 I had…gain 7 kg in 1.5months.BT u have 2 follow the diet.not best diet BT u have 2 look after basic diet..after that it will work like unbelievable.

  • dupesh

    mind blowing

  • yashika

    gained 8kg

  • bhawik

    superior in quality as well as in results.

  • jamun

    im using all the products of livo universal and waiting to use more of them because they keep the level above then other products in market

  • kaidar ali

    make ur delivery service better

  • Rahul sakhre


    • admin

      1499 Rs


    I want liivo universal

  • Inamul

    mera Wazan badh gaya

  • ronit


  • Sonu bajwa

    बहुत अच्छा उत्पाद है

  • Abhishek

    Kitne kg ka hai ek box?

    • livouniversal

      Rs 1,499

  • Jhonnyk12043@gmail.com

    it’s just awesome … superb taste .. thank you liv universal team..

  • manpreet gill

    10 किलो बढ़ गया मेरा

  • Kamleshravat@yahoo.com

    100% PERFECT

  • shivani rajput

    boht acha Product hai .. they deliver before delivery date I am too much happy with fast delivery service?

  • hari lal sharma

    with ashwagandha.. giloy and other herbs makes it superb i loved my sister also using it good .

  • mani pal

    product good delivery was late.. improve it please

  • Harshkalera@yahoo.com

    very good results

  • Lalitbansal453@gmail.com

    Me ek week se yeh powder pi rha hu mujhe asar dikhane lga he meri bhukh badh gai he or me energetic feel karne lga hu.

  • Neha verma

    This product is very good and work full for health…….

  • kavitabanerji3.west@yahoo.com

    Mera weight ab 80kg he or me bohot confident feel kar rha hu thank you universal.

  • sunil chaudary

    natural product use and see good results.

  • Utsav jha

    Very nice product and also work this product muscles

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